Sunday, November 9, 2008

October 5, 2005 my dear dad passed away. He has been my hero and dear dad - and I do miss him so very much. He was such a good man. He taught me how to work hard and love it, to ride and move cattle (an endless love of horses and horsemanship), love of the gospel and our Savior, love of family and so many morals and values. He was there for me always during my hardships while raising my family. What a good example he was and his legacy will always live on. He will be missed by us all but we will be together again as our family is all sealed for all time and eternity.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ed n Sandi at dugout

This is an old outlaw dugout on the Arizona Strip. Dad took us out there a few years ago and we saw so many fun things and wrote a lot of memories. Outlaws would stay in this dugout that was only cut into a hillside with wood and limbs over the top. It gets to -40 out there in the winter and we don't know how they ever survived. There is a lot of history on the Arizona Strip where we ranched with our cattle (bally faced Herefords).


This picture was taken at the Miester family reunion the year that Ed and I were married. Ed's father passed away a couple of years ago but we still enjoy his mother. She lives in Oceanside, Ca.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Schoppe family reunion at Duck Creek

It was a wonderful time with our family at Duck Creek. The weather was so nice and no mosquitoes! There was a lot of good food, fun times, 4wheeler rides, laughter, stories, and sharing so much together and making memories. We appreciated being able to have our reunion at Cheri's family land up on the mountain. We had all the good conveniences and comfort. The family was just coming out of Mammoth Cave when I snapped the picture.

Ed and Sandi Schoppe

Here we are - Ed and Sandi - We want everyone to know how much we love all of our big family and the time that we are able to spend together. There just isn't enough time together but we do treasure every minute that we have. We are blessed with a large family - 11 children and we will have our 40th grandchild in August when Cody and Gwen have their new little baby boy. Life is good!

We have our first grandson going on a mission in September. Jay Rappleye will be serving in the Brazil, Salvador mission. We are so proud of him and the good example that he is for the entire family.

Mom Parsons and family

Mom Parsons was my dearest best grandmother in the world. She is here in the picture (sitting) and her children behind her. From left to right are: Aunt Lois, Aunt Helen, Uncle Vernon, Aunt Bernice and Grammy. Mom Parsons would never let us call her "grandma" but always insisted on being called "Mom Parsons". There has been no sweeter person in the world than she was. Maybe it was how she loved and cared for everyone!!

Grandpa Schmutz at the ranch

My dear sweet dad! We took dad out to the ranch a few years ago for him to help us record his memories from the old days at Tuweep and Mt. Trumbull. The truck in the picture is the old one that we rode in when we came out to the ranch - we'd hit the smallest bump and would bounce right up and hit our heads. We would laugh all the way to the ranch. We were at the old place, the Hilton, but vandals had burned it down. Dad always waved like this whenever he saw us or someone else coming by.